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REVIEW: This Is 40

REVIEW: This Is 40

The return of the married should be considered as an extension to this movie title. From the know-it-all friends who understand relationships in the hit Knocked Up, to the present day husband and wife team running on the hamster wheel of life after the cheese that is happiness.

And happiness is barely a wisp of an illusion for Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) as they work to raise two daughters and grip to hold together their dysfunctional families and businesses. Pete with his sinking record company; and Debbie with her boutique clothing store that seems to have a vanishing money issue.

Together they work as a team to obtain some sort of family and future goal while silently wishing and hoping for a reprieve from all of the weight that has befallen on their shoulders. Marriage is the key and partnership is the option, unfortunately this couple sees an anchor that slowly drowns their hopes.

In the style of movies before it, This is 40 leaks not only into the Comedy spectrum, but the Drama as well cozying up to the category of Dramedy! Full of funny retorts and sometimes gross humor, long time couple and married folk will definitely have some laughs to share. What Knocked Up opened up for singles in the world; This is 40 closes up with a tight wedding band around the finger of daily life.

Grade: B-

MPAA Rating: R

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