The Tuscaloosa Top 5 Dates

TTown's Best Places for Dates


    5.) Desperado's Steakhouse

    A dinner date is the classic plan, but a steakhouse can put a slightly different twist on it.

    4.) FIVE

    The trendy downtown hotspot FIVE is a quirky & fun way to break the traditional dinner date.

    3.) Depalma's Cafe

    Traditional. Italian. Safe. That's what comes to mind with a date to Depalma's. You and your date know exactly what you're going to get, and there's almost zero chance of anything ending badly.

    2.) Chuck's Fish

    Upscale and classic, Chuck's Fish is the almost perfect place for a date. It shows commitment and class, and it gives you the perfect atmosphere for conversation.

    1.) A Movie...duh

    Sometimes...its just best to go with a cliche. Afterall, it had to work enough to become one in the first place, right?