The Tuscaloosa Top 5 - Lunches

TTown's best places to get away for an hour and get some great food


    5.) Little Italy Pizzeria

    Pizza on The Strip by UA.. What could be any better? It's local, it's convenient and they're literally almost always open.

    4.) Carmelo Cafe

    One of our favorite places to take date in a previous list, Carmelo Cafe is open at lunch with many of the same entrees, just cheaper and smaller.

    3.) Hooligans

    Really a bunch of nice guys, Hooligans has had some of Tuscaloosa's best American Mediterranean food, like gyros, wraps and more.

    2.) 15th Diner

    A simple meat & three, just like Momma cooked it. No frills, just a Southern Fried lunch to comfort you at midday.

    1.) T-Town Cafe

    A new entrant to the Tuscaloosa scene, T-Town Cafe has made up for lost time with their unique meat & three combinations.